Where is the Middle School Parent Support Group???

Every milestone we face as parents comes with both excitement and sadness but the looming reality of Genevieve’s entrance to Middle School, leaves me only with fear and anxiety. Middle School is not for the faint of heart; it is where children are ready to explore the world of adult topics, way before they are emotionally ready and most of the time way before parents are prepared to have these talks.

I am adamant that I will prevent the fumbles of past generations, I am ready to be proactive in preparing Genevieve for a future of peer pressure, poor judgment, and dodging temptation. Every time I tell myself I am ready to dive in and be her all knowing wise guide, I get sweaty and anxious. I have to stop myself from blurting out things like “Whore friends will only make you a whore”, “sex doesn’t make anyone love you”, and “12 year olds will never be sexy”.

(An easier time with my sweet 5 year old Genevieve).

Instead, we are focusing on empowerment and being in decision making drivers seat. I teach her to love, protect, and honor her body and I make it clear it is hers; no one else’s. I aim to tell her everything my own mother failed to warn me about.

I can’t help wondering how to tell when she is really ready for these talks; how can I buy her a My Little Pony then talk about sex? It is a scary thing to be the commander and chief of a tween girl. It takes so much precision and careful planning to keep a child this age engaged when you talk of things that they need to hear but are not fully capable of emotionally absorbing… Shoot I am still not emotionally mature enough to absorb all that goes into relationships and sex… Kidding (well mostly).

I feel like I need a therapist or a support group. I can see it now: A room with 20 mothers sitting in chairs, speechless just staring at each other… or could I possibly be the only mother feeling like I am lost in space???


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