Words give hope and may build strength: Send love to a stranger.

Children have the most simplistic view on happiness. It isn’t materialism that builds their confidence and self worth but the love of those around them.

Olivia Enderle is the daughter of my cousin Emily. Emily and I aren’t very close but her journey with Olivia is one that has all my love and is always in my thoughts. Olivia was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at 14 months old and through her battle she lost both kidneys and had been given very bleak prognosis but the Enderle’s never gave up… they fought. Last summer Olivia received a kidney and she has begun to hit milestones at a stunning rate.

On Sunday, March 26th, Olivia will turn 8 years old!!! You may ask what would a little girl who has been through so much want for her birthday? Well, she is requesting 100 birthday cards!! Olivia has loved getting letters and cards from her fans and it is my feeling that this is a form of love that builds hope, not only for Olivia but for Emily as well.

So, I ask my readers to join in on the fun and send Olivia a card, maybe a postcard of your hometown… She likes having friends in other places. Send some love to my little hero.

Olivia Enderle

133 E Oak St Ovid Michigan 48866

Below is the link to the story covered by the local news station.

Olivia’s Birthday wish




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