Teachers bullying students; A letter to the principal.

Yesterday, when I picked up Genevieve, it was obvious she was very upset. When I asked why, she immediately told me her math teacher was mean. I will pause there, Genevieve has not liked this teacher the entire year and part of it is because she is very strict so when Genevieve said she was mean, I admittedly rolled my eyes then I asked why is she mean. Her reply broke my heart and enraged my soul.

Genevieve suffers from very severe acne, we do all that we can to help but nothing seems to work. She is embarrassed and self-conscious and she believes this makes her ugly. Her acne is a very, very sensitive subject. During math yesterday, the math teacher asked Genevieve in front of the entire class if she was the child who had Chicken Pox because she has all those red bumps all over her face. You can imagine the hurt that Genevieve felt from this, how humiliating and also how incredibly cruel. Not to mention, this violated her rights to privacy and confidentiality. How could a teacher say something so mean to a preteen? Teachers are guides, mentors, a safe haven for learning not a bully, an aggressor, and a portal for humiliation; it’s Middle School Genevieve will be humiliated enough without the assistance of a teacher.

Here is the letter I sent to her principal:  *It has been edited to protect privacy.

Good Morning Mrs. Katz,

I am Genevieve, mother. It is my understanding that my husband and Genevieve had a meeting with you this morning and although I am confident he expressed our concern and anger over what happened in Mrs. Hazure’s class yesterday. I just to make sure I speak my part as well. It has been obvious that Mrs. Hazure has seemed to struggle to connect with Genevieve; we know that she is stubborn and aloof but she is a respectful child. I can’t express how upset I am that a teacher would ask a preteen such a question in front of the entire class. Anyone who deals with this demographic should have the simple understanding on how devastating this had to be for her. She is already very self conscious about her acne, she is very embarrassed by it and it has really hurt her self-image so for a teacher to say that, you can’t imagine the hurt she felt.

I want to discuss the legal aspect of what happened yesterday. As you may be aware, Mrs. Hazure violated Genevieve’s right to privacy and confidentiality. She can’t ask if Genevieve had chicken pox, that is against the law. I take protecting my children very seriously. Now, as you are probably aware, we can take steps to ensure legal action is taken but I am not the type of parent who likes to make waves especially if we can find a way to remedy this.

Here is my proposal. Mrs. Hazure is going to publically apologize to Genevieve in front of the class. She is going to let them know that what she asked Genevieve violated her rights and was out of line. She is going to tell her she is sorry and then she can offer a humiliating fact about herself, letting the kids know that she is not superior. I also then want a hand written apology to Genevieve and her parents. Then a school wide email regarding protecting the privacy of the students. This will probably make things better.

I will be using this topic as my next blog post because I feel it is abundantly important that parents know how to protect their children and when the school handles this appropriately, I will update my post. My followers rely on me to provide them with this kind of information.

I want to be updated on every step of this process.

We like the Incubator school and are very upset that such a forward thinking school has a teacher with such a primitive way of thinking.

Have a blessed day,


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  1. My youngest brother has down syndrome, so.school has always been very tough on him mentally and emotionally. This year, my dad decided it would be best to hold him back in the 6th grade so he could relearn the material.. One aide thought that the best way to punish my brother was to publicly harass his mentality whenever he did something out of place. Facebook statuses, comments to his friends, etc.. needless to say, it didn’t go to well..
    This world is so cruel, especially in middle school as you try to learn who you are. You’re daughter, my brother, etc don’t need the bullying from people who they should be able to go to in this awkward stage.

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