Littlest Pet Shop of horror

How much would you spend for your child’s happiness? The above toy is from Hasbro, Littlest Pet Shop is a toy series of pets that have become wildly popular by Youtube Channels such as LPS Popular. This craze has stuck my house too and has become a literal obsession for Audra. What Audra wants more than anything in the world, is the above pictured dachshund. When I say obsessed, please understand that I mean that this toy can be the only topic she is affixed on for hours at a time and one that can bring anxiety and tears. So, we come back to my first question: How much would you spend for your child’s happiness? How about $147.99 for a toy that retails for $3.99? This is the going price for the 3 inches of bobbling head plastic if purchased on

To answer the question personally, I always come back to “No way”. But yet, I can’t help feeling guilt for this refusal to buy into a trend where adults freely take advantage of our easily swayed children. I advocate for nurturing my children’s passions, I do but at such a steep cost for a toy that would merely be a snack for our Lab/Husky puppy, no thank you.

To date, Audra has over 200 LPS and in her assessment, this is not many. I am almost in awe on what kind of anxiety this toy causes my child, each one has some kind of emotional value to her. I admit that has found a creative outlet with this product line and the possibilities are limitless but I almost live in fear of her losing the ones she covets the most.

Tears of joy: Audra opens a box of used LPS for Christmas, her favorite gift.

Hasbro, you marketing geniuses you, I want you to know that although we LOVE your toys and the creative freedom that they bring; we dislike when our favorite LPS are retired. When they retire, they are sold by sellers for a huge mark-up and we enter the Littlest Pet Shop of Horror Hell.

Am I the only mom who feels held hostage by these bobbly headed little monsters?


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  1. Stacep says:

    You are not alone! I bought my daughter a used LPS monopoly because it had a special/rare dachsund as one of the game pieces $50!! It was a reward for getting perfect marks on her school work 10 weeks straight. I don’t think I could have spent $50 on anything she would have loved more, but it does sting when said toy arrives with a $3.99 goodwill sticker on it…. My daughter is 9- completely obsessed- definitely brought on by the amateur you tube videos.

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