I raise my kids in a corporate office, so what?

Cheap labor or a lesson in recycling??

I like the term “Work-Life Balance”, it sounds so happy and easy to obtain because of course it so easy to manage a household and an office. I find it amazing that as a working mom, we unconsciously signed a waiver that we can not complain about the time we lose with our kids because we CHOSE to have kids and work.

Why is it either/or? I understand it is getting more acceptable but we still have a long way to go. I am blessed with flexibility in my job, if I have to, I can work from home and bring my kids to my office but it doesn’t go unnoticed. I work with men who seem less tolerant of my flexibility, apparently it isn’t always “fair” that I can leave and work from home. Hey buddy, I feel the same way.

A break from the Corporate Rat Race. Starbucks.

It is hard to not feel some guilt from dragging a feverish kid into the office at 6am and looking at her and saying “Here is a yoga mat, lie down” At the same time, I like to think I am building resilience. I am showing that people can love you, care for you, but still take care of their other responsibilities.

Stay at home moms, don’t scoff at your corporate leader counterpart as a bad mom. We still hold the same basic values and goals for our children which I am hoping is to raise thoughtful, respectful, contributing, successful members of society; those who accept differences and understand that not all moms are created equal. I still hug my kids, laugh with my kids, scold my kids; I still help with homework, contribute to their classrooms, and pick them up from school. My conference room may be boring and sterile but my love is not. So, before you judge a mom based on where she raises her children, take a look at how she raises her children and if she is doing a good job, just leave her alone.

Sneaking in some inspiration at the beach.


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