Loving the highly emotional girl

It has been agreed upon since I was little that I have a heightened level of emotions; it is a sensory that I am unable to filter. I will admit to crying to commercials, smiling at the joy expressed by strangers, I stress for my friends, and it isn’t uncommon for me to obsess over everything.

A highly sensitive person is like being the only air traffic controller at the busiest emotional airport in the world. Sometimes too many emotions are coming in and out at once. I can also acknowledge that it can be emotionally draining to love such a girl although with patience, it can be the most rewarding and deeply connected relationship you ever enter because for a high sensitive type we take loving someone with much consideration.

Here are some common things you will encounter when you love a highly emotional girl:

1. She takes your feelings seriously (very seriously)-  Whenever a sensitive loves you, she also deeply respects you. Most everything she does, she takes your feelings into consideration so when you don’t return the favor, expect some hurt feelings because for her this consideration is like breathing and sometimes she forgets that it is not like this for everyone.

2. She also takes her own feelings seriously… VERY- When she finally feels comfortable enough to be completely herself around you, you will never guess how she feels because she will tell you how she feels at all times. She knows this can be exhausting for her partner, she just can’t help it. It comforts her to have a safe place these feelings

3. She craves physical touch- If you love a highly sensitive girl then you already know how offer she touches you. She likes to hugged, to be touched, to be kissed. That physical touch keeps her grounded and present; keeps her from having to think and feel about the rest of the day’s events.

4. She needs intimacy-  Intimacy is something pretty sacred to her because like every other aspect of her life, intimacy brings many feelings and another deep connection. She cherishes these moments, she loves to loved and wanted.

5. She needs honesty, even if it makes her cry (but what doesnt)- Your opinion matters to her, your feelings matter to you, and knowing you fully matters to her. The true gift of a highly sensitive is that they have a built in lie detector; she will know when you are lying but with desire to deflect conflict she will let it go. Trust, the more you lie to her the farther away she will go.

6. Letting her in means to be loved like never before- A highly sensitive girl is so in tune with her feelings that once you connect fully, it will be easy for her to know you. She will know your reactions, thoughts, and feelings prior to you telling her, even creepy at times. Rest assured though, if you learn to have patience with her moods and tears, that you will gain a love of a lifetime.


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