Jack!! I’m Flying- Aerial Adventures

Studio Goddess-8th Avenue Nashville, TN

I have to imagine that I am not the only one who has been curious about aerial classes. These women look so gorgeous as they effortlessly just sail through these fabrics or “swoops’.

The difficult part was to walk in the class, the first being the Aerial Lyra (hoops) all by myself knowing that I may be the worse in the class. I actually had convinced my self to not go in but then sucked it up and just walked in. I was 1 of 5 first timers!! SWEET. First of all, this studio is so cute and the staff is very welcoming.

The instructor, Kristin, is also the owner; she taught both classes I attended. Let me tell you, Lyra is HARD!! Using all upper body, you are pulling yourself into hoops 6 to 8 feet in the air but Kristin was such a thorough instructor that I found myself quickly learning some pretty cool moves!! This class was wonderful but I did wake-up with some seriously sore upper body muscles.

Last night, I did aerial yoga, again I tried talking myself out of it but I went. This class is mellow which is much different than my method of mind melting music and movement. The stretching felt so good and the women who attended were in many shapes and sizes. I did do a head stand but not before falling out of my fabric and falling on to the ground; don’t worry, only my ego was bruised but no one laughed, no one cared, and I did not die.

I have one more session left and have not decided how to use it… maybe I will try the pole.

What I took from this… It well so fucking awesome to get out of my comfort zone. I am basically hooked on aerial, there is a freedom that I haven’t had before. I am proud of myself and eager to try more workouts. My new commitment to me is to “Try it once”.

If you have any ideas of workouts to try, let me know, no matter how crazy.

Taking it one day at a time


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