Comfort Zones- Jumping out of the box.

I made a commitment to spend 30 days living a “better” me, a life dedicated to loving my whole self. During that project, I learned that I am almost paralyzed by living inside my comfort zones. I always prided myself on taking changes and living slightly on the edge but what I picked up on is that I also have an easy time talking myself out of “scary’ things.

This is when I decided it was time to teach myself that pulling out of those comfort zones can open doors that would otherwise never be available. One part of this is an emotional journey but the other will be done in a very physical way. In the next 90 days, I will be sampling EVERY form of group exercise offered in the Nashville area; trying things that I would never elect if I did not decide to torture myself.

So, get ready to join me on a journey of laughter, self discovery, and oh did I say laughter??


Stayed tuned and always taking it one day at a time.


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