Day 3- Elastic Time

One of my biggest stressors, is time or lack there of. I use the lack of time to make excuses for all sorts of things but if I sit and think about it, it is more that I do not want to make certain things a priority for my time.

Last night I made a list of my most important priorities:

1: The kids- Safety, well-being, happiness (throw in fur babies too)

2. Me- Goals, work, mental and physical health

3. My romantic relationship

4. Social connections- friends, family

5. Domestic duties.

Out of those priorities, I picked 3 goals in each category to work on. These are the priorities that I will stretch my time for. Although, I do have a full schedule, I believe I make my self busier than I really am. I know some very successful people who are never strapped for time and I believe that is because they have learned to prioritize what matters.

I will put my goals on here later tonight.



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