Living Better- My 90 day Challenge.

I live 27 miles from my place of  employment, on an average day it take 72 minutes to commute to work.Over the past few weeks, I have had this going hunger for change and to leave the traffic behind. That hunger has been fueled by the fact that I can’t find the satisfaction in my current life status that I desire.

Now, I do love some aspects of my life very much but when I ask myself “Are you living out your dreams?” The answer is No. When I look at what my biggest hurdles are; I have to point that finger back at me. I am very good with ideas but also very good at holding myself back.

With that being said, I am ready to live my life more in the moment and maybe, that hamster wheel will stop spinning so fast. This is very easy to say but so much harder to put in to fruition. So my challenge to myself is to live the next 90 days in a way that looks at my walls and knock them down. I will be using this forum to document my struggles, my goals, and triumphs as I look at living the life I know I deserve and so my kids.

Day 1: Sitting with Stuckness– My goal was to have a well paying job after I obtained my MBA, in fact I juggle a few jobs to make life livable for the kids and I.  We are not destitute by any means but we should be doing better. Part of the problem is that I have lost some of that hunger, I have been committed to holding myself back. I am smart and have a lot of potential but I like to sell myself short.

My task today was to write down the areas I felt stuck and offer solutions to losing that stuck feeling. Out of the solutions, I chose one to follow thru with on each area and each day I will add/modify that solution and reflect in 90 days how I feel.

From my journal.

Day 1: I am ready to leave the rat race. The first step to achieving that is to let go off  holding my self back. I feel mostly stuck in the areas of my occupation. I struggle with truly knowing what I want to be when I grow up. Although, becoming a Certified Financial Planner can be a sustainable future I still desire to help others and to use my creativity. The biggest barrier is needing to provide for my family and to look ahead at my future and a desired 15 year plan. I get restless living so far from work and Scott even if this will change when I move in June. It does make me anxious to think about moving. Part of feeling stuck relies heavily on feeling like I let down those who love me. 

I know this journey will be one that will be tiring and eye-opening.

My challenge to you: Leave a comment with what aspect of life you feel stuck in and how you can change that.


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