Stop your stuckness-Just move forward.

This morning, while I was listening to Mel Robbins, I heard her state that a third of the American population feels stuck in their current situation. That’s a believable statistic because I know that feeling of ‘stuckness’ all too well. It’s a feeling that you know you were destined for more than you are getting out of your life. Perhaps, you desire a better body, more passion, adventure, a partner, or a six figure salary but the true question is…. What are you doing to move yourself forward? I put thought into what I need to do to get out of my stuckness and hoping that this insight can be helpful to others.

  1. Send your past on a permanent vacation- The quickest way to remain stuck is to dwell on what no longer remains. Read that one out loud, print that quote!!! Maybe you took a risk and it didn’t work out or you had a love you lost. Here’s the thing; IT’S OVER!!! There isn’t anything you gain from looking back, it’s whats ahead of you that will promise you a future.
  2. Don’t settle for ‘fine’. – How many times a week do you reply that you are just ‘fine’? I gain no satisfaction from that statement nor do I allow others to know me with such a vague answer. Stating I am ‘fine’ just enables that feeling of stuckness, I’ve verbally acknowledged my unhappiness. To move forward, we have to begin with validating our feelings. It’s a fact, it’s refreshing to hear that other people are happy, struggling or maybe starving. Try it, its liberating.
  3. Stop validating mediocrity- When we are stuck, we complain about what is holding us back but somehow we justify why we should tolerate whats not right. If your job makes you unhappy then figure out what will give you satisfaction. If you hate the extra 40lbs that you are carrying around, you won’t change by blaming your lifestyle then shoving a burger in your face. We are all destined to do more than settling for mediocrity. Don’t confuse settling for stability.
  4. Tell your fear to shove it- No seriously, what is fear anyway? Fear comes from past disappointment, rejection, or abandonment; it’s our brain’s way of applying an emergency brake. I am talking about emotional fear, the fear of risk, love, failure, or not living up to expectations. We won’t die if we are alone, rejection won’t end you, and if you face your fears, you’ll move forward. Fear is the fastest way to lose out on new opportunity.
  5. No more thinking, just act- Stop hitting the snooze button on your life or you are going to wake up to discover you slept in way too late. When you mentally hit the snooze button, you give yourself time to talk yourself out of new opportunities. Act on your ideas, approach new people, apply yourself in new ways.

The moral of the story folks is to move f****** forward!! Do not be okay with being ‘fine’,we are the drivers of our destiny, push the gas pedal and move forward.

Taking it one day at a time.294834_10201140105248556_1395645620_n




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