A message to my daughters about love.

It’s well known that I haven’t always had the best track record for love, sometimes by my own fault and sometimes because of my blindness in choice. I know how it feels to both have my heart broken and to break a heart. What I have a learned are lessons that I never want my daughters to learn firsthand but rather tools that I can pass down to them I also offer them an apology for not being able to provide the appropriate example of adult love for them to follow.

1. Be true to yourself first- To truly find love, you must be happy with who you really are, accepting of your past, and proud of your character. You don’t have to have an exciting background, an adventurous lifestyle, or a glamorous job; you will be enough for the perfect person.

2. Don’t ever feel you need to sell yourself- Never feel like you have to point out what makes you great because those who love you, already know. Real love is not a game show and you should never feel like a contestant. Always remember that you are a fantastic person and it shines thru naturally.

3. You can not change anyone- Wishing someone will change their undesirable behaviors, will not make them change… You will end up unhappy and resenting them in the long run.

4. Love someone who will support your goals- Love is best when you grow with someone who supports you, even when your dreams are wild. Real love gets excited with you, he will be your biggest cheerleader.

5. Never be an option- Once you become an option, you will remain an option; it does not get better and you will never feel good about it. You can not truly learn to love someone else, if you don’t love you.

My final thought for not only my daughters but for all daughters is that you a find love that last and that your tears are few.



6. Broken hearts heal- When your heart does get broken and it will, it will hurt and it will feel like the end of the world…. you’ll find, it is not. You will love again and do it with passion because it is better to know love and feel than to live in fear.

7. Being alone is not lonely- Learn to be single, love to be with yourself, and never use a relationship to fill an emptiness void.


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