The day I failed my children

My story can happen to anyone and for everyone, it is the most devastating news to learn.

I’ve sacrificed so much to not only advance in my career but also create a comfortable life for my kids. I’ve dragged them across the country, uprooted them from family and had them change schools… all to do what I felt was right.

Being a single mom means you are solely responsible for all facets of your children’s lives and well-being.

Yesterday I went to work like I always do. It’s been a rough few months for me professionally. My boss has stopped taking the time to communicate with me, he’s made a point to reprimand me whenever he can, and has continued to find ways to make me accountable for all mistakes, even if not mine. So when my vice president came into terminate my position, I wasn’t entirely surprised.

It’s true that I’m not surprised but I am absolutely terrified. I have 3 weeks to have a new job, a new income, and continue to pay all my bills. I can’t describe the feelings I have right now. I’m scared, I’m angry, I feel like a failure.




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