Panic time in Single-Momlandia

I stand over my pan of scrambled eggs, it’s 9:45pm. I am trying to gulp down the overwhelming fear that my decision to move my family to Nashville 8 months ago was the wrong choice. As my fear becomes paralyzing anxiety, I scoop my eggs into a Dodger helmet and slowly slump to my bedroom.

My little one is snoring like a little asthmatic angel as her meds finally let her get a little peace from her Bronchitis. She has been playing ‘Occupy Mom’s room’ since she got sick last Thursday. At least she waited 2 days after my $400 car repair.

January 2016 has not been a pleasant one unless you like the feeling of suffocation.  A single mom doesn’t get the option to fail but here I am and there is that paralyzing fear again.

For every struggling soul out there, you are not alone, I wish I could help you… shit I wish I could help me.


Here’s to figuring it out one day at a time.










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