She will never be a Barbie Doll

She doesn’t like to wear dresses but she still likes to be complimented on her clothes. Her hair is a little messy but it is clean. Her T-shirt may be from a Japanese Anime but her shirt gives her pride. She may not sing Taylor Swift songs but she has the voice of an angel. She may not be the ideal size and weight of a tween girl but her tall and muscular features make her comparable to an up and coming warrior. She accepts death as a part of life but it doesn’t mean she isn’t thankful to be alive. She has a spirit that can’t be crushed but it can be misunderstood.

My daughter may dance to a dub-step violin not to the beat of a drum. My daughter may fight at the idea of learning algebraic equations when she would prefer to be creating an artistic masterpiece. My daughter may prefer a crush on Doctor Who over One Direction. My daughter may prefer to be one of the guys instead of getting their attention.

My daughter may not be your average 12 year old girl. She may be 5’7 but society can still make her feel small. My daughter may be intelligent but a teacher can still make her feel stupid. My daughter may be witty but a peer can break her heart. My daughter may be strong but the wrongs words can may her weak. My daughter may be beautiful but her acne convinces her otherwise. My daughter may be the perfect size but the scale whispers lies to her self-esteem. My daughter may be a wonderful person but critical misinterpretations of her character could destroy that.

My daughter will never be a Barbie Doll because she will be much more than a plastic overproduced concept.

My daughter wishes nothing more than to “blend” in with other girls her age. She doesn’t understand that everything that makes her stand out, are the exact things that I love most about her. I wouldn’t replace her with any other 12 year old girl on this planet.

My Gallery of bragdom regarding my talented girl. All work below is the original artwork of my daughter.


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