A few of mom’s favorite things.

For one second, I debated on breaking out into song but I am far, far away from the beauty of The Sound Of Music. As we finish the first month of 2015, I wanted to share a few things that I am enjoying.

1: Girl Power: It happens to be very cool to be a girl in 2015. Companies are targeting healthy body image for young girls through Ad Campaigns that highlight being yourself and loving who you are. Always with their #LikeAGirl campaign, where they interviewed young girls asking them to demonstrate doing things “Like a girl” and comparing to how adults and boys did things “Like a girl”. It is a pretty big slap in the face how generations of stereotyping has distorted what it means to do things like a girl.

http://youtu.be/XjJQBjWYDTs   Warning: This video may invoke tears.

Dove goes to target mom’s and girl’s to embrace their natural hair, in the campaign called #Loveyourcurls. Again the video posted below is emotional to watch, we forget that our own self involvement with our looks is directly affecting our daughters.


I hope these campaigns continue to gain steam and make a difference in the attitudes we have towards body image, I have two daughters and hearing “I am fat” or “I am ugly” or “I hate my hair” breaks my heart and leaves me helpless because my daughters are beautiful but maybe not by the industries standards. So GO GIRL POWER!!!!

2. Geek Culture is still cool: I for one hate referring to it as “Geek Culture” so I will call it … “Anti-Mainstreamism” Try saying that one out loud). I love that Pop Culture is all about the alternative and the quirky. It is perfectly acceptable for my child to wear a Tri-Force t-shirt to school, no one bats an eye. So Hoorah to the Whovians and the Walker Stalkers. Society (and I) say you are cool.

3. Etsy makes me smile:  I am not crafty but I love one of a kind homemade items. So the explosion of Etsy stores has made my year!!! It is amazing to go online, buy a handmade product, and know you are helping someone and still getting an awesome item. My two favorite stores are MyCozyLittleNest and Alphasophisticate.

Liam’s custom Apron set by MyCozyLittleNest. She makes cute girl’s purses too.

Alphasophisticate’s custom baby shower wreath; it doubled as a game and a gift.

4. Subscription Boxes: Confession… I have an obsession with subscription boxes; it is true, I can’t get enough! The Nerd Block is a family favorite and usually has something for everyone. The T-shirt rotates between us four, depending on who likes it the most, past ones have been: TMNT, Pokemon, Dr. Who, Star Wars. The Nerd Block Jr is Liam’s favorite, perfect for boys 5-9 years old. We tried Loot Crate which is fun too but comes in under Nerd Block. Gizmo Crate underperformed but is under new management so we are giving it another shot. Birchbox for women was equally disappointing. IBBeautiful is a great Girl Power box for tween and teen girls. We try to mix it up monthly switching from snacks to toys to puppy toys. Subscription boxes are such a blast.

5. Streaming: Does anyone have cable anymore? What a waste of money. Embarking on the 3rd anniversary of being cable free, I can say with all honesty I haven’t missed a thing. Netflix offers some pretty cool original series, who will be binge watching House of Cards? Who drools over Marco Polo? (Guilty Pleasure). Roku has a new channel that is 100% fan fiction, I encourage for entertainment purposes that if you have a Roku, that you download this channel.

6. Forward Thinking Schools: Los Angeles Unified has a new Pilot school, year 3, that focuses on turning children into innovators and taking learning to a whole new level. This kind of learning environment has the potential to create tomorrow’s leaders. http://www.incubatorschool.org/

And My most favorite thing of 2015. My healthy, smart, and beautiful children!!! Parenting isn’t getting any easier as they grow but I love them as much as I did the day I met them.

Taking it one day at a time.

Mom Under Siege.


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