“Mom” should be a legitimate Job Title on a resume.

This morning as I was thinking about jazzing up my LinkedIn page, I started to think about all of the amazing qualities I have acquired in the one position that is not marketable; Mom. So here is what it would look like to market this position.

Chief Executive Officer of Home and Family

Financial: include but are not limited to generating weekly, monthly, and annual budgets. In charge of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Compiles and submits annual Federal and state tax returns.

Project management: Delegates and supervises all activities and responsibilities of inhabitants of home. Implements schedules and provides transportation. Ensures that all deadlines and commitments are fulfilled within the required time lines.

Human Resources: Maintains inhabitants insurances and safety. Provides education and training for the advancement of inhabitant of the home. Mediates all conflict in an unbiased and fair manner. Implements discipline according policy’s stated in the Home Handbook.

Office Manager: Answers phones, In charge of maintaining supplies, interfaces with stakeholders, housekeeping.

I am sure I could go on and on if I tried but this is true, this is what a mom does on a daily basis. So if you were thinking that being a mom doesn’t have some clout, I will be the first to argue.

Taking it one day at a time,

Mom under Siege.


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