The 30 day Anti-Selfie Challenge.

I have two young and impressionable girls, I feel lucky that they are not concerned with physical appearance or beauty but in the land of social media, there is one thing you can’t avoid: THE SELFIE!! Now, I do not want to poke fun too much here but I am getting a little tired of seeing pictures of the same people 10 times a day, making the same face, and taking up 99% of the picture frame. I am almost to the point that I would rather see pictures of what is on someone’s plate. I mean, don’t you get tired of just posting pictures of yourself posing in the camera? Who needs attention so bad from people that they do this constantly? It is also happening at a very young age, I do not want to see 10 year olds putting on make-up, taking selfies, and posting them on Social Media for people to not only ogle but also judge. It makes me sad, young girls should be concerned about friends and still toys, not how they “rate”. Ugh!

So as a satirical campaign to mock the selfie, I promised to post 30 days of anti-selfies. What is an anti-selfie you might wonder? Well, it is an unfiltered and unrehearsed picture of your self. No retakes, no filters… Pretty much like life huh? So this post would not be complete without a showcase of some of my lovely pictures.

A Family Affair.

God Save… Well All of us.

Dog penis surprise.

A few things I learned during my self proclaimed “challenge”?

1. Laughter really is the best medicine. I have never laughed so hard at myself in my life and the comments from my friends and family on FaceBook were wonderful.

2. I drew unexpected attention. I knew that I would get some laughs from my social network but I didn’t think anyone would join in with anti-selfies of their own but they did. I was also sent messages and emails on how refreshing my campaign was and how many others are fed up with the Self absorbed anti-social media framework.

3. Selfies are exhausting!!! I made it about 15 days before I gave up. I didn’t want to take ANY more pictures of myself. It was boring, seriously I do not get the appeal.

What my girls learned.

1. People who truly love you, accept you for you, not your photoshopped selfie posted 300 times a week.

2. Being yourself is liberating and fun.They learned to let go of some of that pressure of fitting in.

3. This opened up the dialogue of real beauty and self worth.

Now, I am not telling you to go in try this. It is not for the faint of heart because it is exposing. You are broadcasting that you have flaws, that you are not perfect, and that is not easy.

If you do try this challenge, Please share your experiences with me. I found it to be an unexpected path of self discovery and very liberating.

So I guess even moms can learn.

Taking it one day at a time-

Mom Under Siege.


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