Dear parents, I think you are making a big mistake with Gender identity advocacy.

When I was a kid there were boy toys and girl toys and gender neutral toys too. Gender wasn’t a huge deal when it came to our toys; I liked Legos even if they were not pink. I didn’t mind playing with Mr. Potato Head, I like his wife too but I really didn’t care. What I see today is this advocacy for children to be accepted for who they are, which is ideal but the advocacy is pushing for Genders to be even more divided.

My son has enjoyed playing dress up with the females in his life since he was a toddler; he has no qualms over wearing a dress or high heels and he likes to play Barbies but not for one moment have I thought that this meant that my son was gay (if he is; I don’t care anyways). I know that Liam chooses these things because he lives with older sisters, it is what is familiar and acceptable in our home but I still think he needs to pee in the boys room. Children are incredibly impressionable and they are programmed to be pleasers; they may be defiant but they do not want to disappoint what they perceive to be their parents expectations.

For example; Your 4 year old son may love wearing dresses but it may not be because he “should have been born a girl”. Maybe, just maybe, it is more comfortable and easy access to go pee; you just lift and aim; Functionality and Ease? That is every little boy’s dream!! I know that every parent comes from a place of love and concern for their child’s well-being but I also think too much intervention can cause problems not only for the child but for the world too.

Does that sound dramatic? Probably but think about it. While we have gender identity advocacy, we are now faced with the biggest division of Gender specific toys and it is affecting the way our children are playing.

With the permission of my friend, I have chosen to include her story she posted on FaceBook yesterday regarding her gender excluding toy experience.

” As I sit here and watch my 7 yr old build the Lego lemonade stand she bought with her tooth fairy $ I struggle not to be irritated with them. My kids have always liked Legos even before this girl Lego nonsense that’s purple and pink. My daughters have drawn to the little things about them such as a Lego animal that might come with it or in the case of today it was a bowl or cookies and a scooter. It’s whatever. The problem that I see is this, I see a different Lego, a tree house (not the girl one) that normally she would def go for. She tells me those are the boy ones and these, she points are the girl ones. She full on explains that the boy Legos are boy colors and come with boys and the girl Legos are girl colors and come with girls. And that the girl ones are for here. Not cool Lego, not cool. Gender stereotyping kids stuff is not something I take lightly. What a kid likes is their own thing who is anyone to say that’s a girls thing or girl color. My son loves my scarves. Wore one on his head into target the other day because it was raining. I only had one person look at me in disgust. He’s 6. Seriously?! He sees nothing wrong with it, a grown adult shouldn’t either. When did we become a society where all that nonsense mattered. It’s really very sad. “
I am glad my daughters are freaked out by the Lego Friends and pretty much scoff at the idea that they must adhere to gender society norms but it is a growing issue,
What is that old cliché say? “All paths to Hell are paved with good intentions”. Maybe we just need to let kids be kids and stop with all of this nonsense.
* Credit is given to my friend Sara for her contribution to this article. I appreciate knowing that I am not the only one is thinking about this.

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