One womans perspective on the recent birth control contreversy.

When I was eighteen, I was hired into a casino as a night auditor, it was a decent paying gig for my age and offered my full benefits. The medical insurance was fantastic, covered all of my needs, except for contraception. It never occurred to me that my employer should pay for something that is optional and I knew I was fully capable of going out and getting birth control on my own, and I did. It wasn’t hard to get it either, just went to my doctor and paid $30 for a 3 month supply of birth control. I have always kept the philosophy that sex is an optional activity and if you are going to engage in this activity then you need to take full responsibility for all actions  

I share this story because I find the language of the debates over the recent Supreme Court ruling degrading and humiliating to women. Has anyone noticed that a lot of politicians are making it sound like women have lost the freedom to get contraception. Women, in this debate, sound weak, feeble, and incapable of providing for themselves. So what if your employer will not buy your contraception? For many, many years, strong, capable, and resourceful women provided these for themselves without demanding their employer to pay for it. Also, as I know from being a woman, there are a lot of resources to get birth control for little to no cost at all. Even local health departments offer birth control.  

I also keep asking myself why is it Hobby Lobby’s responsibility to control the birth rate? I should mention that they are in fact still covering some forms of birth control in their insurance, there were just four drugs they were uncomfortable with. As an employer, I often wonder why I need to pay for medical needs that are optional. Now, if Hobby Lobby refused to pay for diabetes medication, cancer treatment, or needed prescriptions I would see validity in the anger over their request. Personally: I feel the same way over my insurance covering bariatric surgery, that makes me really angry.  

As a woman who wants to be viewed and paid the same as her male counterparts; I wish the language would change regarding these debates. I don’t want my daughters to hear or see the way women are being portrayed as weak and needing handouts for an optional medical need. I wish more women would just say “who cares, I can get my own birth control”. Birth Control is not your employers responsibility; now condoms I would cover those because those prevent diseases that could affect your ability to do your job but birth control? We aren’t entitled to have our optional medical needs covered…. if we are, where do I sign up for a free boob job!?!?!?!


Taking it one day at a time.


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