Why did Classy get replaced by trashy?

Maybe this will  make me sound like a prude but I have to say honestly, the younger generation of women have lowered their standards for acceptable behavior; to a point that would make a hooker ashamed.

I look at the female celebrities that represent the young adult population and I fear for our future. There is a whole lot of twerking, nudity, profanity, and skanky behavior and very little self respect or self control. You can easily find a story about Miley Cyrus humping a blow up doll or a faded Disney diva washed up in rehab; it’s everywhere, its what our youth are looking at as role models. When trashy become the new sexy?

When you look at women from past generations and you look at the standard of how to behave, the standards are far different and wouldn’t the women suffragists be outraged on how women conduct themselves today. So many women in our past suffered and even died to give women the same rights as men. The rights they fought for included voting, a right to education, the right to join the military, the right to own land, to be employed, the right to serve in the government, and to earn equal pay. Instead, the younger generations are destroying that by continually objectifying themselves, lowering their standards, and not focusing on bettering themselves for the future.

I understand the sacrifice that comes with acting a little more reserved and having self respect for yourself because it means that you won’t have 1000 boys drooling over your 5 million selfies on Instagram; it means that you might have to wash at least one pound of makeup off your face, and you may have to strengthen your vocabulary to include more than just “um”, “like’ and profanity.

I plead with you to “class” it up a little bit, you may be surprised and you might enjoy what it feels like to have some self preservation. It is so frustrating to watch my daughters learn that it’s “ok” to be treated as an object and that all that matters is getting as many “followers” as possible.

Personally, I LIKE that my character is what people see first and although I possess a great figure; I leave enough fabric on my body to spark the imagination. I like that I am respected by the opposite sex and that my intelligence and expertise is sought out; not just my sexual prowess. I feel proud that I earned my career without ever dropping my pants or lowering my standards. I love being a woman but I feel all that we work so hard to have is at jeopardy by a generation of “trashy” girls. I hope those in the younger generations will fight back against this alarming trend and restore some of the “class” back into womanhood.


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