Offending Illiterate puppies everywhere!

We live in the world of the “meme”, they make us laugh, some pull at our heart strings but there is one trend that not only irritates me but confuses me on how it became popular and that is “puppy” or “LOL” speak. Pardon me if I come off sounding like an elitist for appreciating grammar and proper spelling but I can’t wrap my head around this trend, usually I just cringe and ignore but yesterday, I chose to ask a question about this trend and what I learned? Just cringe and ignore it.

Backstory: Yesterday, Barkbox (Doggy subscription box) posted a cute picture of puppies on their FaceBook page with a caption that read “You haz a sad…not on my watch”. My simple, non-offensive reply was: “why do all of these cute pictures have captions that are grammatically incorrect and misspelled?”

The hostile, vulgar, and angry backlash I received, you would have thought I said I hated babies…. No seriously. It was amazing how quick people were to defend illiteracy in the name of puppies everywhere, does this only sound ridiculous to me? I was told to “get a life”, “pull the stick out of my ***”, accused of being “new to the internet”, and called various curse words because I asked one simple question. I am still astonished that anyone would have a problem with what I said, shouldn’t we strive to not look like a bunch of idiots? Why do our standards have to be lowered to that of a preschool education?

Here is my thinking: My children use the internet, they LEARN from the internet, so when they constantly see “LOL” speak, how do they decipher correct from incorrect? And IF puppies could talk, would we not correct their grammar, just like we do our own children?  Well, Congratulations people of the Barkbox FaceBook page, you have bravely and successfully defended illiterate puppies all over the world, you have made the world a safer place for them; I sure for every vulgar word you threw at me, a puppy was saved from a shelter. High Five defenders of puppy illiteracy.

* Barkbox is a fantastic company that not only offers subscriptions of monthly treats for your poochie pal but they also do community service work with shelters and veterans and did not in anyway endorse the behavior on their page. If you have a pup or want a great company to donate to, check them out:


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