Are we too busy thinking about being too busy?

On any given morning, I can log into Facebook and read a status update from one of my friends listing all of the chores they have to do today and how busy they are. My first thought is always “then why waste time being on FaceBook talking about how busy you are?” It really has gotten me thinking about what is real and what we perceive as too much. It almost seems like we need to justify that we are busier than the rest of society and we may possibly possess super human abilities.

But are we really that busy or have we just forgotten how to prioritize? Think about all of the conveniences we have? Laundry virtually does itself, cooking from scratch meals doesn’t take that long; we really live in a world of ease compared to even 50 years ago. What are we fighting this battle of being too busy for? High-blood pressure? Over-stressed lifestyle? No thank you! I have learned to appreciate so much more when I learned to slow down.

Take a real look at your habits and schedule: If you are spending more than 50% of your time in a hurried craze then you need to let something go. Sit down, seriously, and make a list of all of the things you do in a month and how much time it takes; I mean everything. List how much time you spend on your phone, playing mobile games, on Social Media, and things that really can consume a lot of time; add it up. Take all of the things you can’t live without doing; child rearing, working, household chores, etc. I guarantee you, if you do this, you will be surprised how much time you waste and how it actually can add stress to your life.

Take two weeknights off a week-No I am not kidding- Two nights a week (not weekends) make them strictly family oriented. Hang up the car keys, charge your phones, and set your sights on your family. Yes, everyone will resist it at first but what you will notice over time is that you are making real memories and those are what create true happiness. Cook together with your children; make homemade bread or homemade pizza, really give yourself time to connect with your children. Remember that kids really crave and need us to invest time and attention into them; that’s what creates happy and connected children, not an IPad. You may be thinking “But how can I do that? Little Suzie must play 47 sports, dance, and gymnastics!!” I trust you, “Little Suzie” will demand a family date night where her family is engaged over 47 nightly activities any day.

Prioritize: I have become a much more relaxed person when I learned to set up certain days and times to get things done. I workout during half of my lunch and spend the other half eating and interacting with my coworkers. I have set days to do laundry and clean the house; I have my meals planned a week in advance. Then I let the rest go! Seriously, if you don’t wash your floor on one day, it will still be there the next day.

Toby Mac said it best “I don’t want to gain the whole world and lose my soul”. I am not saying don’t work hard, I know I do! But I am saying “STOP talking about being too busy and enjoy life”. Don’t take yourself too serious, we are not competing for the busiest mom on the planet title, all work and no play means you are wasting precious moments that could be spent making memories.

 So go ahead eat that piece of cake. Look at the photo bomb in the back. Ha Genevieve learning my mantra to laugh a lot.


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  1. KLove Radio!! That’s where I hear Toby Mac, Mandisa, plump etc. Love that station.

  2. aubreysnyder says:

    That is a great station. Music that inspires and lifts you up.

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