No Rules- Day 5

Captains log- March 13, there were signs of life last night!!! While still moving forward with a “week of no rules”, Genevieve began to catch on that she can create that structure she is so badly craving.

Around 5pm last night, she unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded it with all of the dirty dishes. It was amazing, no one told her to, there wasn’t any fighting or screaming… I had truly entered the Twilight Zone. She also remembered to write down her own homework and did it without a prompt. Could it be that it is finally sinking in.

So, to really drive home my point about “No Rules”, I did one thing that I knew would sink. I make dinner every night and we eat around 7pm but last night at 7:10pm there was no sign of food in the kitchen. I was relaxing on my bed when Genevieve came in to ask where dinner was. I replied that I wasn’t really hungry so I was going to pass on dinner but there was some Nutella and Jam in the kitchen. Her facial expression was priceless, she couldn’t believe I was not going to cook for her. I let go on for a while longer (note: She never made herself food) before pointing out that in a home without rules, parents cook when they feel like or the kids just cook for themselves. I asked her if she liked that idea and she said no. So, I then revealed that the plan all along was to go to wing night at Buffalo Wild Wings but I just wanted her to see how my selfish choice to not cook dinner had affected her negatively.

I don’t think it’s over, I don’t think I won this war yet but I will take my small victory and pray that somehow, someway she understands that I really want the best for her but she has to learn to be accountable for herself.

Oh and she took a SHOWER last night!!! Our noses rejoiced!!



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