A week with NO RULES-One Mothers desperate attempt.


So over the weekend, after a weekend of pure defiance and disrespect from Genevieve to me, I declared that she would have one week without rules. I guessed that she would react with joy since she was finally getting freed from the clutches of MOM EVIL (I always wanted to be an antagonist). She didn’t react with joy; she reacted with a explosion of anger and frustration, begging, pleading for it not to happen. This happened Sunday evening.


It is now Thursday and a No Rules week is still in effect and it is KILLING me!!! So far she has showered a total of 1 times since Sunday, YUCK, and I am only aware that she brushed her teeth once. She has watched tv close to 20 hours in the span of Sunday to Thursday, briefly stopping to use the computer. Her clean clothes are still in the laundry basket. I have no clear idea of when she goes to bed. One could make the assessment that this is experiment is failing but I don’t think she is happy.


She has begged for her rules back, begged for someone to tell her what to do; the amazing part is that she has yet to make the connection that to get the rules back all she has to do is enforce them on herself. When this idea is brought to her attention, she gets angry and cries, why? because she is exhausted, she is learning how horrid a life without rules, routine, schedule, and discipline really are. Don’t worry she still gets fed!!!

I am counting down the last few days of this experiment, waiting until Sunday when I sit her down and ask her how she enjoyed her week like someone without ambition, dreams, and a purpose? I hope she understands how a team or family relies on a routine to function and to accomplish things.

Maybe this blows up in my face, maybe it works……

-Taking it one day at a time


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