So you are 18 and ready to be a mother?

There is an old white republican man living deep within my soul and as I read the mindless dribbling of teenage girls ready for motherhood at 16, 17, even 18 years old; I feel he is ready to bust out. I have a deep imbedded conservative side that battles with my compassionate understanding Liberal side but as I get older, pay more taxes, and witness more handouts; I am becoming disgruntled on this topic.

First let me say, Boys do not complete your life and the chances that the “love of your life” at 16 being the love of your life at 30 is pretty slim; it happens but not much. A good boyfriend can enhance you, encourage you to succeed, and be a good friend but if he causes constant turmoil and you are “lost without him”; you need a counselor not a boyfriend. Dependency is unhealthy and puts you in a dangerous, vulnerable position. You can be very happy without a boyfriend, trust me been there, done that, and survived. I also, am not aware of many teenage boys who want a family while in high school.

My Baby Audra, 9 years ago. She really was a rollercoaster of health problems but so cute and sweet.

Second: What’s the rush? The last decade of your life you were learning to tie your shoes, learning to count, and read; now you believe that you are ready to raise a baby? No, no I don’t think so.

Third: If you get pregnant, who is going to support this baby? Babies average (on the cheap end) $1000 a month; they are thankless pooping, eating, crying machines. I love my kids but even at 24; raising 2 girls was close to overwhelming at times. To raise a baby, without the assistance of the government means to have a job but you are still in high school or if just graduated; you only have a high school diploma. So… You are going to work 2 jobs to be able to cover rent and your babies’ needs? I hope you have a good plan for daycare, that you should cover without government assistance, and does McDonalds have a health insurance plan? Hope you can afford it, babies go to the doctor a lot. So here we are with a baby, you are exhausted and never have much time with that baby you needed so badly, and also no time to further your education so better prepare for that McDonalds career.

And when you get pregnant and have to rely on family to help you or support you and your child; do you think that will last forever? No because those of us who work hard for our money, aren’t super keen on giving it those who make reckless decisions.

I know this sounds harsh but there is a severe lack of accountability here and maybe this topic shouldn’t be observed through rose colored glasses.

My message to you, teenage girl with babies on your mind,  adopt a puppy, graduate from high school, date different boys, go on fun girls only trips, get a solid education, and then revaluate your need for a baby. oh and birth control, it is free. And don’t worry, my girls will get this same lecture but it will much more candid and old man republicanish.



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