Old School is the New Cool.


The recent recession and continually lagging economy has come with many pitfalls for most Americans with exception to those lucky 0ne percenters but have no fear not everything that has stemmed from this hardship has been unfavorable. What I am referring to is the increasing popularity of “Do-it-yourself” projects. Pinterest creates new obsessed fans of the site everyday. I compiled a list of favorite trendy throwbacks.

1. The crockpot, not just for old crackpots: Sometimes referred to as the “slow cooker” has become the working mom’s trusty sidekick and the options of what you can make are endless! This isn’t the 70’s soup era, the slow cooker now has limitless capabilities; lasagna, stuffed breads, pulled pork, CAKE!!! That is just the beginning. The best part is you can snag a basic slow cooker for around $20-30 and they are simple and safe enough for an older child to use. Genevieve made homemade Ham and Pea soup all by herself in one and it was out of this world. My Go to website: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/cooking-style/slow-cooker-recipes. While we are discussing food.

2. Cooking is sexy and it makes you smarter: Ok, I can’t prove this to true but I can tell you that I feel smarter when I know every ingredient going into my child’s belly. As a product of the 80’s, growing up we ate a lot of fast food, even though I wasn’t the biggest fan. As I grew up, I saw the value and wellness of cooking homemade meals. The current popularity of DIY meals makes me so happy, I guess we can thank Monsato for scaring the crap out of us all about what lurks in processed foods. You are truly the “cool” mom if you can whip up creative and tasty meals these days, even better? Teaching your children to cook, teaches them self sufficiency and an added math bonus of using fractions! Need proof that cooking can be sexy? http://www.flirtyaprons.com/

3. Crafty McCrafterson: Again, the props go to Pinterest in pushing the appeal of DIY everything. From making clothes to personalizing cheap flower pots. When I enter a big chain craft store, they are packed to the brim with customers, regardless of day or time, customers of both genders and all ages. We even made our own Valentine’s Day cards for class parties (see above picture) because the kids wanted something personal and unique. I like that we are igniting the creative sides of our minds, see technology has a perk, it has ignited a movement towards homemade, how 1800’s of us all.

4. Salvation Army, can I call you Sal? Yeah we are close like that: Finding a gem at the thrift store is truly a happy experience for me (maybe I need more hobbies), buying an old dresser and then reinventing it, gives you mad Facebook bragging rights. This is an area where Old School is very cool. I love vintage radios and old furniture and honestly, today’s merchandise can’t even hold a candle to the quality of vintage products, sorry cheaply made products.

5. Think small… business that is: The recession reminded us to “Love thy neighbor” and to see the benefit of supporting the community you live in. We learned during this hardship, the true reality that large corporations are not in it to help the “little people” and it really turned people off. Not only are small businesses cool but so is supporting your local farmers. The Torrance Farmers market on Saturday morning, is more crowded than any other place in town. This is why markets like Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Sprouts are gaining such wild popularity, they offer shopping that just feels safer for your health. The recession brought back the tradition of investing in the community you live in.

There are other “old school” ideas that have made their way back into trends but I would be here all day. What I love most about bringing back more old-fashioned lifestyle choices is that it speaks to every person in America, I see my high-income earning friends enjoying DIY as well as my friends living on a tight budget. These are trends that cut through the socio-economic divide and can unite us through common interests. Now what’s cooler than that?




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