There are many, many cliches that can be used to describe a pitfall in life; some inspirational and some make you reach for the nearest bottle of wine. There isn’t a cliche around that prepares you for the “SUDDENLY”!!!

“Suddenly” stops you in your tracks, you aren’t prepared for the unexpected and the unexpected has one of the ugliest friends, we refer to that friend as the “unknown”. The unknown has two sides for any mother who faces it with her child. One side; is the side of fear, we fear the unknown and limitless possibilities it can hold. The other side of the Unknown for a mother is side of the fighter. When the unknown strikes, mom puts on her boxing gloves, gives a little nod to the Unknown, and whispers “Lets go, you nasty Son of a gun”. 

So in a nutshell, the Unknown brings a brew of fear and fight; fear we hide deep within and the fight we wear like a badge; a strong and unwavering face of strength.

Somewhere, every second, a new mom fighter is born; from tragedy, a medical diagnosis, even divorce. She feels alone, she feels the fear, she works to unravel the why of the unknown. New Fighter Mom; you are not alone, somewhere is a seasoned fighter mom. The best thing about the Seasoned Fighter Mom is that she will be real to you, she won’t sugar coat the reality but she won’t let you down because every mom is a fighter; new or seasoned.


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