A Smart Girls Guide.

Every parent has heard it before ” Children should come with instruction manuals”. We all fantasize the reality of an instruction manual and slowly we come to grip with the fact that as a parent we fly blindly through the fog, praying that our children turn out as we hope.

So parents do not have instruction manuals but what I have discovered is that tween and teenage girls do have manuals for life at their disposal. Now, I do not normally endorse any particular company or brand but I have to give credit to American Girl for their extensive collection of “guides” for girls. The guides cover a wide variety of topics from boys to liking your family to staying home alone.  The books are eye-catching (to a young girl), readable, and relatable.

  (The first book we bought for Gen at age 8).


Gen started to see physical changes in her body, i.e. breasts, at the age of 8. I had no idea how to began the talk about puberty, it was never directly addressed to me as a child so it felt so foreign. Through my research I found the book “The Care & Keeping of you” by American Girl. The book is designed for girls age 8-11 and address puberty, hygiene, and emotions in an age appropriate manner. So I bought this book with low expectations and found to my surprise that Gen coveted the book, even sharing it with friends.

Now we are American Girl book veterans and use these books as an aide in so many of our difficult life situations. Some of our favorites (and life savers) are: (Available for Kindle too)

A Smart Girls Guide: Friendship Troubles.

A smart Girls Guide to loving herself; even on bad days.

A smart girls Guide to money.

Is this normal?

And I just bought.

A Smart Girls Guide to starting Middle School.

It may not be an instruction manual to raising your child but it is a powerful ally. For whatever reason, my girls trust what is written in these books and they listen (way cooler than their old mom apparently)! So, a little shout-out and a huge thank you to the American Girl writers for being a positive influence and great moral guide for my impressionable tweens and helping this Mom Under Siege.

-Taking it one day at a time.





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