Why the Freak do our kids have so many flipping alternatives to the friggin F word?

WHAT THE??? (Anyone else’s skin crawl when this is uttered by a child?).

I do not claim to be Ms. Manners or even her distant cousin, Ms. Politically Correct, but I can’t help but feel a little awkward about how close our kids get to using actual swear words and it appears to be acceptable.  

As a product of the 80’s, I remember doing my best to push the limits with my parents when it came to verbal expression and I knew that the words; “crap”, “heck”, and “shut up” always gained the same outcome and never favorable. Uttering the “F” word? Not even as a rebel child would I have thought twice of even coming close to that word, it was in a forbidden territory.

It sounds old-fashioned to say “The kids of today” but I can’t find any other way to reference them and this includes my own. Today, I don’t feel that there are words that are considered taboo and the amount of “creative” ways to say the “F” word without using the actual word has gotten out of hand, even cartoons use this language.

In my own home, I am on the crusade to rid my children of using the creative “F” word alternatives. It is a uphill battle because my children have so many outside influences to their language. Audra, my 9 year old seems to be the biggest supporter of using these words.  So we started the novel idea of “Descriptor words”! So instead of “The freaking sun is in my eyes!”, I am enforcing the kids to say things like “the sun is so bright it hurts my eyes” or to cover their eyes and dramatically yell “I’m melting”.

I too, have a potty mouth when the time is right, like driving on the highways of Los Angeles but I am not a recreational user of these words and want my kids to sound intelligent and to be respected.

The “F” word may never be taboo again but would it be so bad if it was?

-Taking it one day at a time.

   Mom Under Siege.


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