My little Brony: This trend is tragic.

   My Little Pony(MLP), a cartoon that has lasted for decades, losing popularity in the 90’s, MLP found a revival around 2010. The MLP’s newest edition is found in the Friendship is magic series. A cartoon that teaches the importance of friendship and values with an intended audience of girls under the age 12.

   MLP has become more than just a cartoon, it has become an empire with everything from comic books to collectable figures. With this empire came an alarming trend, that is the cult following of adults who have been dubbed Bronies and Pegasisters. That is right, adults mainly adult males, who create fan fictions, dress as ponies, and even have a convention. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of encompassing my busy adult life around a fictional cartoon about ponies. I wish that the Brony obsession stopped at the above listed activities but it does not. The one trend that can be easily accessed on Youtube are the fan created pony porns. Yes, you read that correctly, Bronies create pornographic cartoons starring the MLP cast that both of my daughters love. My feelings concerning pony porn are ones of complete and utter disgust. How detached from reality do you really have to be to find this excitable? This cartoon is intended for little girls!!

   So here we are, with a thin line between childhood innocence and adult maturity. Both of my daughters love the new MLP series; they collect the figures, watch the series, read the comic books, and even have the Build-a-bear plushies of the characters. I have found that protecting them from the world of Bronies is somewhat difficult. We have had to ban looking up MLP videos on YouTube for the fear of the inappropriate, this is a shame because some of the fan made videos are cute and appropriate. It is hard to fathom that I would have to worry about my children learning about sexuality and profanity as the result of a children’s cartoon.

   Over the summer, we had two personal encounters with the world of Bronies. The first happened in Huntington Beach, my daughter who was wearing a Doctor Hooves t-shirt, was approached by a grown man who wanted to “Hoof bump” her. At that moment, I had no idea what “hoof bump” meant and I was thoroughly creeped out. The second encounter happened at Geoffrey’s Comic Book store in Redondo Beach. We took our oldest daughter to a comic book signing for one the MLP illustrators. My daughter was 1 of 3 children out of approximately 75 fans in line, mostly grown men. These men had on pony t-shirts, bracelets, even a few dyed their hair for this event.

   My intention is not to demean or offend anyone but as a mother, I find the Brony trend disturbing and just another worry I have to have in my adventure of raising tween girls.


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  1. My only experiences with self proclaimed “bronies” (which autocorrected to “brownies”) have been with a much younger crew at Disneyland. I’m not disturbed by the quiet presence of older fans, but am disturbed by these one-sided attempts to bond with much younger fans. That’s discomfiting, to say the least. Eeeeeh.

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