It’s a shower not molten lava.

I expected, when I had a son that he would spend a good portion of his early childhood smelling like a cross between a Frito and a gym locker. It is well-known little boys are just not concerned with their daily hygiene. This stereotype did not fail me, Liam has to be bribed into the bath tub with a boogie board so he can “surf” in the tub, whatever works, right?

What I did not anticipate was the exact same fight with our 11 year old Gen, who is not swayed by the boogie board bath tub surfing. Gen, who is already experiencing some of the joys of puberty; breast development, hair in unusual spots, and the wondrous odor of Junior High. Seriously, I do not understand how Junior High teachers stomach the stench of puberty. With that being said, you would think that a shower would be welcomed,false! Everyday is a new battle to get Gen to shower, even if she smells like a warm onion! She has such an aversion to bathing that you would swear that we are forcing her to bath in a river of molten lava.

I have warned her that kids at school would not be so forgiving of being forced to breath such odorous matter for hours and hours without end. Of course, she ignores those warnings and goes to school unclean and sometimes pretty smelly. Then the most surprising and shocking thing happened to her, she was teased for being stinky.Yes, victory for mom, not that I like being teased but peer humiliation at least drives the point home.

No, it is not that easy. Even though she has been teased, she still resists the bath. She has suffered natural consequences and was not phased. She has full access to pick out her own hygiene products, could care less. Her parents are both very clean but a positive role model is not helpful. I once visualized dragging her into the shower but I don’t believe in physical force and she is taller than me.

So here we are fighting one of the one million battles to come on the road in tweenville.

Taking it one day at a time.


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  1. T. D. Davis says:

    OMG, I’m so happy to know that it’s not just my tween daughter! She gets in the shower at least every other day, but sometimes I swear I have no idea what she does with the soap in there. She’s slowly getting better, though. She does NOT like to be teased. But it’s particularly important in our house because of athletics we all do. Anyway, I share your pain. Good luck!

    1. aubreysnyder says:

      I am also happy to see I am not alone. I have debated on establishing “smell checks” on exiting the shower. Ironically, her 9 year old sister could shower 3-4 times a day happily. She loves to smell really good. I am told to have patience, that this is just a phase but it is hard to do when the “phase” burns the inside of your nostrils.

      1. T. D. Davis says:

        Exactly. Irony is that mine can’t stand to smell others; she’s just oblivious to her own aroma. 🙂

  2. RJ Smith says:

    Keep pushing at some point she will likely start showering on her own without prodding but until then be strong. I agree that allowing her to pick morning or evening for her bathing and her own bath items is a good way to give her flexibility, but whether or not she does it each day is not negotiable. I know it may be hard to continually fight the battle, but that is part of the job of mom. If she is not swayed by peer pressure then find something she will be swayed by, start taking away her favorite things. Good luck!

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